Jaheira's Blend
Jaheira's Blend
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Jaheira's Blend

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[ Jaheira's Blend - PREORDER WAVE 4+5 ]
[ Limited Edition Baldur's Gate 3 Range ]

"I’m old and wise enough to recognise a sliver of hope when it crawls out of the dark."

Jaheira's fragrance is natural and light, with hints of spice among the earth tones. In subtle layers, it takes time to unravel, with hints of sweet fruit, deep floral tones, and a strong, supportive base of aromatic woods and strong tea.


Burn Duration

Large Glass Jar: Approx 40 hours.
Small Glass Jar: Approx 15 hours.

Fragrance Notes

Top:  Lotus Flower, Bergamot, Apple
Middle: Fig, Jasmine
Base: Black Tea, Patchouli, Rosewood

Preorder Product

Due to unprecedented demand, orders are estimated to be dispatched within 15-25  business days after the placement of the preorder.

This is a seasonal blend, and will leave the store when our next range arrives.


 "I am not a hero - I am a servant. Of nature, of balance - of life. "

Fragrance Stats

Fragrance stats diagram reads: +2 Sweet, +4 Floral, +3 Earthy, +2 Fresh, +2 Spiced