Replacements, Shipping and Returns


Can I combine shipping?

- Yes!
- We get it, shipping is expensive. We're in Australia and you're likely not, but that's not going to stop you getting your candles!
If you're wanting to combine shipping on orders, please email us at with your order numbers and name and we'll sort it out! We'll also sort out a refund for the partial shipping difference and get that through to however you paid.
- It may take longer for combined orders as these have to be processed and refunded by hand, so please be patient as you're asking us to do a little extra!

Did your glassware get damaged or broken in transit?

- First up, sorry! We do our very best to beat the final boss that is THE POSTAL SYSTEM and unfortunately despite our best efforts, sometimes breakages occur.

- Secondly please DO NOT BURN A BROKEN CANDLE. Handle with care and dispose of.

If your candle has arrived broken in transit, please email us at with your name, order number and a photo of the damage and we'll get a replacement out to you! 

- Do not try to transplant the candle into another jar with the same wick as wicks are specifically selected to burn safely in set sized jars. If you do this, it is entirely at your own risk and Planeshift Candles are not responsible for the outcome. The best bet is to contact us for a replacement.

- If a candle has reflowed beyond use in transit, but is otherwise undamaged, wax may be scooped out and used in a wax melter!

Can I return or exchange a candle?

- If the candle is unlit we are able to offer an exchange or refund (if stock of your preferred candle is available). If the candle has been lit or tampered with, we cannot accept it.
- Shipping taxes and fees for returns and exchanges are not refundable and are to be covered by the customer.

Can I get a refill in my old jar?

- We love to do this! If you are based in Adelaide (and your glassware is in usable condition) we are happy to accept your glassware back to be refilled! Contact us at or meet us at an event we're at to organise glassware pickup. 
- If you bring us a jar to be refilled, we'll give you a 20% discount on your next candle of that size!

Got any questions?

- The best way to keep in touch is via our email! Reach out at or by our contact form/span>