Original Character Creation Candle FAQ

Dreaming of having your own custom fragrance to burn while playing at home? Our Original Character Candle Creations (OC-CC) are the ultimate way to transport yourself while playing remotely.

If you are looking to purchase one, please ensure you have read the following and fully understand the process. 

When will these be available?

- ALWAYS! Thanks to your feedback, we have made sure to always have these available to order.

- If you are looking for a larger batch, it's good to drop us a note in advance so we can walk through all the blends and label details together. 

- These are unique, special pieces that require experimentation and testing and may take longer to dispatch than normal orders.

- Follow us on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) for updates!

Does it have to be my own Original Character or D&D themed?

- No way! We can make you a custom piece themed around just about anything! 

- We've made customs based on different TTRPG systems, video and board games, cottagecore aesthetics and even personal brands! This custom train is NOT SLOWING DOWN. We love making candles. Weird, huh?  

How do I explain my idea?

- On the Original Character Candle Creation purchase page, you will be asked to fill out a form for you to provide as much information as you would like!

- Please feel free to upload character art, stats or a colour as more inspiration for your piece.

- Give us as much detail as you can, or alternatively, provide a few key descriptions about your character and we will interpret them as best as we can.

- If there's a specific, unique scent that makes you think about your OC, let us know and we will do our best to incorporate it into the finished candle blend. 

- The more information the better! We want to make something that you love that'll transport you to your setting of choice.

- If you are doing a large batch order, we recommend dropping us a link to a Google Doc or something with all the info in it and anything additional you'd like to add. 

- If you're looking for ideas, see the examples on the About Fragrances and Stats page

Do I have to have a coloured candle?

- Nope! If you do not provide a colour option or just wish to have natural coloured wax, that's all good!

- If you're after a specific colour, drop us a hex code or reference image to work from. 

Can I request a special label?

- If the request is within reason, yep! Most commonly we get requests for labels without the stat bar or in the portrait format of our core ranges.

- Just let us know via the form or follow up email and we'll get back to you to sort something out! 

What are these "Fragrance Stats" and how do I use them?

- We've determined that almost all fragrances can be broken down into these six categories: Sweet, Floral, Earthy, Citrus, Fresh and Spiced. See About Fragrances and Stats for more explanation and examples!

- If you're not sure how exactly to describe or what you've got in mind for your custom fragrance, but you know you would like a sweet but not overly floral (e.g. caramel and cream instead of roses), we've added the dropdown options for you to stat out your own build! 

- These are an optional way to give us more information to help make your concept a reality!  

Fragrance Stats Dropdown Details. Image showing 6 categories, Sweet, Floral, Earthy, Citrus, Fresh, Spiced and how to select the amounts of each.


What if I want my candle to smell like death and sadness?

- Well, if that's your thing, that's your thing. We can do a lot of non-traditional fragrance blends (e.g. beer, wood smoke and leathers), but abstract concepts, truly unpleasant things (e.g. blood and rot) and things that don't usually have scent (e.g. metals) are much more difficult to manufacture. 

Can I order another one? 


- If you order an OC-CC, loved it and finished burning the candle out, we provide a discount code you can use for your next one! Since we've done the testing and development work getting your piece made the first time, you get a saving on a second one (using the same blend).

- Orders containing 3+ Original Character Custom Candles in them automatically have a 10% discount applied at the checkout screen! 

Do you ship internationally?

- We do! We ship both internationally and domestically using Australia Post. 

How long will it take for me to receive my OC-CC order?

- This really depends on how many custom orders we are handling at once and can vary from one to three weeks. Depending on what scents are in your blend, some fragrances will be ordered in specifically to tailor make your candle.

- We want to get them to you as quickly as possible but sometimes delays do happen. If you are looking for a specific date, please drop us an email or put a note in with your OCCC order for when you were looking for it!

- Please be aware orders placed around busy periods such as Christmas and restock times may have a significant delay so please plan accordingly!  


- If the concept provided is not feasible for Planeshift Candles to design, in the these rare cases, the buyer will be notified and a full refund will be provided. 

- Planeshift Candles will endeavour to create a piece to the best of their ability based off the descriptions received, however they do not take responsibility if the buyer does not like the finished scent.