About Us

Handmade by South Australian couple, Zaphy and Steve, as a fun way to make gifts for friends in her Dungeons and Dragons games, Planeshift Candles became a project of love to connect with friends together.

Lighting a candle while playing at home immediately makes TTRPG play more of an immersive experience. Being able to breathe in the scents of the setting helps visualise the world and creates a more engaging experience, while playing together with friends or at home online. 

 We ship internationally from Australia.

[ Zaphy's Current Characters ]
Name: Zytheri Windsprinter
Game Setting: D&D 5e Planescape
Class: Tempest Cleric - High Priestess of Umberlee - Proxy of Umberlee - Tempest Goddess
Background: Sage
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Fragrance Notes: Sea Salt, Driftwood, Violets, Apple, Amber and Cedar
Name: Zellandria "Heir to the House" d'Orien
Game Setting: D&D 5e Eberron
Class: Path of the Storm Herald Barbarian
Background: Eberron House Noble
Alignment: Neutral Bitch
Fragrance Notes: Roses, Leather, Wood Smoke, Musk, Vanilla and Jasmine
Name: Gin'ja "Snaps" Dango
Game Setting: Star Wars, Age of Rebellion
Class: Ace Pilot
Background: Corellian Human
Fragrance Notes: Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Gingerbread, Musk Sticks and mixed spices