The Emperor's Blend

The Emperor's Blend

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[The Emperor's Blend - PREORDER WAVE 4 ]
[ Limited Edition Baldur's Gate 3 Range ]

"Take its tentacle in your hand, invite it in."

Strong notes of crushed garlic, slathered on garlic bread, with a smooth creamy sweet layer of vanilla frosting layered on top. Burn with the knowledge that it will make your house smell like garlic for an extended period of time.

As this is a potent novelty candle, we are only offering a small sized variation.
Your choices are your own. Planeshift Candles do not accept any responsibility if you do not like the candle, or if your home smells strongly like garlic and vanilla. 

Burn Duration

Small Glass Jar: Approx 15 hours but the scent will linger. You have been warned.

Fragrance Notes

Top: Fresh Garlic, Vanilla Cream
Crushed Garlic, Vanilla Frosting
 Roast Garlic, Vanilla Bean

Preorder Product

Due to unprecedented demand, orders are estimated to be dispatched within 15-25  business days after the placement of the preorder.

"I can't believe we're actually making this goddamn candle. I hope you're all happy." - Zaphy, Planeshift Candles

Fragrance Stats

Fragrance stats diagram reads: +6 Sweet, +0 Floral, a ? for Earthy, -1 Citrus, Fresh is labelled as "Nope", Spiced is labelled as "Kinda", and an extra stat block for "Garlic" is taped to the side, rated at +10