Wild Magic Tea Light Pack

Wild Magic Tea Light Pack

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Roll some d100s and see what you get (well, we'll roll on your behalf, really.. Any excuse to roll some dice)

Our Wild Magic tea light pack comes with 6 randomly selected tea lights from across our range. You might get something you already have at home, or a special tea light from a discontinued range! 

Put your faith into RNG and you might discover a new favourite scent! These tealights are selected at random while packing and each burn for approximately 4-5 hours.

Wild Magic Tea-Light d100 Table

Roll 01-02 - A Discontinued Scented Tea Light 

Roll 03-30 - Adventuring Scent Tea Light

Roll 31-60 - Planar Collection Tea Light

Roll 61-90 - Origins Range Tea Light

Roll 91-100 - Discontinued Scented Tea Light