Gel Candle FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Gel Wax.

Ensure you have read our Candle Care section! 

- Keep lit gel candles away from draughts, ceiling fans, other air current sources, other heat sources or anything flammable.

What even IS Gel Wax?

- Gel Wax is a combination of mineral oil and polymer resin, created with exceptional safety in respect of the flash points of the materials. It is translucent and gives off about 40% more glow compared to paraffin and soy waxes. 

- Gel Wax burns HOTTER but also slower than Soy wax. With this in mind, you Potion Candles will last considerably longer even though they are a smaller size! 

Are Gel Candles safe?

- Yes! These have been tested over the course of a year to ensure all fragrance blends burn safely and correctly.   

- As Gel Wax gives off more heat while burning and burns longer, be careful while handling the glass bottle when lit and while it is cooling.

- Don't leave your candle unattended or in a place where a pet or child could contact it.  

- Remember basic candle care when burning these special candles.

My Potions Candle arrived and the wax has moved?

- Gel Wax is a weird beast. It can move. No need to panic and no need to roll a Survival Check. 

- Simply leave your candle upright and allow it to settle over a few hours-day. The jelly will settle back into place.

- If the Wick has also moved during this time (or any time after burning), you can pierce the centre with a thin skewer and move it back to the middle of the candle.

Tips for burning the Potions Candles?

- Avoid burning the candle completely to the bottom, the container will get very hot which could result in damage to your furniture or the container.

- Burn them only on fireproof surfaces.

Wick Trimming Length?

- Keep wick trimmed to NO MORE THAN 6mm. 

- Longer wicks may burn off centre or smoke.

- Trim the wick when the candle is cool.

What are these things in my Philter of Love and Waterbreathing Potion?

- There are wax embeds in the Philter of Love candle, these will melt alongside the gel wax and may create a frothy white wax surface. This is harmless!

- The Waterbreathing Potion has a base of sand in the bottom because it's cool. And because sand is one of the few embeds that are safe to work with. We will never be adding crystals or florals into our candles because they do not promote safe candle practice.