Minthara's Blend
Minthara's Blend
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Minthara's Blend

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[ Minthara's Blend - PREORDER WAVE 4+5 ]
[ Limited Edition Baldur's Gate 3 Range ]

"There will be no retribution - only vengeance, and that shall be mine."

A sharp, controlled fragrance that leads with clean and purifying top notes of incense and white florals, following with the dry woody scent of bamboo. Behind the attention-grabbing top notes, however, are soft and complex tones. The fragrance of beautiful but poisonous lilies and the deep petrichor scent of damp earth sit below, slowly revealing themselves as the candle burns.  


Burn Duration

Large Glass Jar: Approx 40 hours.
Small Glass Jar: Approx 15 hours.

Fragrance Notes

Top:  Incense, Ylang Ylang, Fir Needle
Middle: Bamboo, Lily of the Valley
Base: Petrichor, Musk, Cedar

Preorder Product

Due to unprecedented demand, orders are estimated to be dispatched within 15-25  business days after the placement of the preorder.

This is a seasonal blend, and will leave the store when our next range arrives.


 "We have a purpose and a bond. By my oath, I will fight with you while that purpose holds."

Fragrance Stats

Fragrance stats diagram reads: +3 Floral, +4 Earthy, +4 Fresh, +1 Spiced